Donate to KaNaja - Kids' Library

A Kids Indic Library is being setup

400 books acquired. Help us grow it to 1000!

KSA is setting up a library of Kannada & English (Indic topic) books focused on children. The motive is to give them ready access to our mother tongue and culture. Amarachitra Katha along with other renowned books, about 400 total, have been purchased/donated. Your donations will go towards books, book shelves, library management software & hardware.


Donate Now to help get more Books, Cataloging software, Hardware.

SVK Temple has permitted us to provide space for bookshelves.

20 Kid volunteers have signed up to help build & manage the library.

AZ Kannada Community has donated around 100 books.

KSA Board is working on logistics of setting up the library.

A few AZ Kannadigas helped us carry books from India. 

KSA appreciates all the above help.