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On behalf of the KSA BoD and Trustees, welcome and thank you for checking our website! You will find all kinds of helpful information about KSA —just a click away

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There are many clubs and groups to which covers various interests from sports, music, kids activities, etc. We will update this section with the latest update as we will receive them. 

Category:- Music 

Group Name:- Inchara

Joining a singing enthusiasts group can be a fantastic way to indulge your passion for singing and connect with fellow music lovers.

INCHARA Music group in Arizona is one such group, whether you are a beginner or an experienced singer, can provide a welcoming and enjoyable musical experience. INCHARA group is dedicated for Kannada music enthusiasts who would like to participate in the bi-monthly events (vocal/instrumental)

For more information Email -

Category:- Volunteering

Club Name:- KSA Volunteers

We need a helping hand or two to successfully make arrangements be it be serving food or making logistic arrangements.

Volunteers are a big part of our KSA programs and there is always a growing demand for more volunteers.

What's in it for you? Well, first thing first, you get to be a part of our every growing KSA family and help KSA to succeed in all programs and increase your social presence. You will get to meet fellow volunteers :)

Open this link to join my WhatsApp Group:

If you have a group/club and looking for more people to join please let us know. We can publish more details here.

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