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ThaT Antha HeLi! Quiz for Kids
Subject: - Kannada, Karnataka, India, General Knowledge. All the kids have to do is spend some time with ajji- taata and ask them to talk about Kannada, Karnataka and India in general :)

Dear Arizona Kannadigas,

As part of “E-Yugadi” celebration, KSA Cultural committee is organizing Quiz, Antyaakshari, Talent exhibition and funny Tongue Twister events during this stay at home period.

All participants must register and send content before the 14th of April to 


Register here for all the events.

Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the show with our special Yugadi habbada oota. To place your order click here

The categories are: -

Subject: - Kannada movies and songs

Talent Show
Subject: Put on your creative hats and pick your own theme... Surprise us!

Kannada Tongue Twisters 
Pick either of these tongue twisters and get your little snicker doodles to say these

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